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JONATHAN ADLER | Muse Noir Candle

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Muse Noir Candle | Holiday 2022

Item Details

  • Midnight black wax in a translucent porcelain vessel
  • Porcelain glows when the wick is lit
  • Two wicks
  • The scent: deep notes of bergamot and black plum mingled with amber and vetiver
  • Can be used as a vessel when finished using as a candle
  • Do not let the candle burn all the way down or overheating will occur
  • Dimensions: 3.5" H
  • 48 burn time - trim the wick regularly to help the candle burn at a slower rate
Item Details
  • Material: Candle - soy/paraffin blend 13oz and Porcelain vessel
  • Color: White
  • Care: Spot clean with soap and water