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SUZI ROHER | Black Studded Leather Belt

$ 298.00 USD

With a black strap and just a little stud detailing, this Suzi Roher beauty is a statement belt perfect to fill your loops. Its black leather strap, and large buckle make it an elegant addition to any outfit.


  • Leather 
  • Stud detailing
  • Waist belt
  • Adjustable
  • Handcrafted in Toronto


About the brand:

Marked by refined elegance, unique design, and superior craftsmanship, Suzi Roher’s handmade belts have been an open secret with style connoisseurs since they first appeared on the scene over 30 years ago. Determined to maintain the most rigorous quality control, Roher personally oversees the manufacture of her designs from her own Toronto factory. Each creation is lovingly handcrafted in the European atelier tradition for superb fit and design.